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CCC Appraisal has been operating and providing the highest quality of certified appraisal reports since 2012 with a team of expert appraisers in our coverage areas.

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CCC Appraisal performs property appraisal services primarily for the business community; however we also serve individuals and residential owners. Our services are designed to solve a variety of valuation needs including those associated with finance, insurance, taxation, construction, development, property sales and investment. We deliver our product through state of the art electronic systems in an environment designed to relieve clients with many of the administrative and regulatory compliance burdens confronting business today. It is our goal to deliver a high quality product quickly and economically to our clients.

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A multi-family dwelling is a type of residential property that consists of two or more separate units under one roof. These units can be apartments, townhouses, or condominiums, and they may be arranged as flats, duplexes, triplexes, or quadplexes. Multi-family dwellings are often found in urban areas where land is limited, and they can range in size from small buildings with a few units to large high-rise buildings with hundreds of units. These properties can be owned by individuals or managed by a property management company, and they provide a housing option for people who prefer to live in a shared building rather than a single-family home.

Condominium Dwellings

Condominiums only entered the residential real estate market in any material way, in the second half of the twentieth century. Owners of Condominium units do not own the land, or any of the common facilities which are typically owned by a Condominium association. Associations are typically responsible for all exterior maintenance and charge unit owners dues to cover their share of the cost. Unit owners are also required to abide by association rules. These rules may pertain to a variety of issues including pets, noise, parking, occupancy, etc. Dues and Condo association rules can affect the value of a property both positively or negatively. Condominium appraisals are best prepared by appraisers with experience in appraising them along with an understanding of how the association can affect property values

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Thorough understanding of the real estate market by using a variety of methods to determine the value of a property, including conducting market research and analyzing comparable sales data.

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Due to our extensive experience we are approved and accepted by most Canadian lender.

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We only operate in the Ottawa/ Gatineau region, proving our expertise in our local market, by choosing us you help a local experts in the Real Estate Appraisal Industry

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I had a fantastic experience working with a CCC Appraisals in Ottawa. They were highly professional, knowledgeable and thorough in their analysis. They were responsive to my needs and provided valuable insights and advice throughout the process. I would highly recommend this Ottawa-based appraisers to anyone in the area looking for a reliable and top-notch service.
Martin Foster
I highly recommend CCC Appraisals. They provided an excellent service, were highly professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. The report was well-written, accurate, and easy to understand
Bryan Cirius
Great experience with CCC Appraisals and their team, professional, knowledgeable and thorough, report was accurate and easy to understand. I highly recommend
Jane Dowser

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